What is a Glaive?

As it turns out, a glaive is one of the most often forgotten pieces of the medieval collections maintained by serious medieval weapons enthusiasts around the country. Not only is the glaive easily confused with other things, because of its cult film legacy, but it’s also a big weapon, and somewhat specialised, therefore, hard to […]

Krullís Magical Glaive

Krull (1983) was one of a long line of spacey science fiction films to be made in the hopes of cashing in on some of those merchandise-happy George Lucas fans. Instead, it actually gained a cult following, and it’s the main reason today, that anyone even has any popular terms to associate with “glaive”. Anyone […]

Glaive in Pop Culture vs. Medieval Glave

All right guys, once and for all: A glaive is not a throwing weapon, nor is it a spear! Calling a glaive a “spear” is like calling a cannon a “gun”. There’s more to it, and it’s underestimating this formiddable weapon of combat. Spears were great, this is true, but they were either thrown or […]

How to Fight with Glaive Weapons

We’ll start with proper fighting with a traditional medieval glaive, since it has more right to exist than the fictionalized glaive that made its first appearance in 80s films. We don’t hold that against it though really, since every great weapon was some lunatic’s daydream long before it became a real piece of fighting equipment. […]

Other Awesome Medieval Weapons

Before the French turned into… what they are now, they were actually part of a bloodthirsty region that specialised in making weapons designed to rule the world. Eventually though, the French were quelled and their weapons became outdated, though nonetheless deadly. India, the Dutch, the Orient, also produced several medieval weapons to be reckoned with, […]

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